A dismal witch and a kingdom

Once upon a time there was a huge kingdom. Everything was good there, almost all the people were friendly and happy, there were no poor people. Yes, you can say that everything was perfect there, but there was still a villain in the kingdom, who always harmed people and was making  their lives worse. Once, a dismal witch spoiled the whole crop, ruined almost all the fertile trees with poisonous vapor. This meant that in winter there would be no fruits and vegetables. After this terrible act, some citizens decided to kill a witch but a majority of people decided to just punish her by making  understand her mistake. They operated a special theory for witch’s punishment. They considered the punishment  to be so essential that it would help the witch to become a little better and kinder. After thinking, the citizens of this kingdom decided that the witch should work in the garden, help people and understand that the earth is life and you must respect and protect it.


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